Sip & Sail away with us on the high seas...

The shows

Using projected images from around the world, the first of Sip & Sail's two onboard shows is presented like a musical TED talk which explores the values and virtues of travel to humankind.
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The second show is an intimate foray into Nikki & Larry's personal adventures around the globe, including the amazing places, people, and experiences they've encountered.
Temporary Video - show video coming soon!

About the couple

Nikki and Larry discussed world travel, cruising, culture, adventure and art on their very first rendez-vous over coffee in 2004. They met on J-Date and knew quickly that they had found like-minded partners who shared a passion to wander! They've since traveled all over the world together, breaking bread and popping corks, making music, memories, and friends along the way. They always return to their beautiful home in Encino to reunite with their pup - RubiDoodle, hit the gym and dance studio, arrange new music, edit their latest travel photos, and search for empty walls on which to hang them! The couple have toured and performed with multiple cruise lines, including Silversea, Holland America, Cunard, and Carnival and plan to continue making and sharing memories on the high seas.

About Nikki

Nikki's folks often joke that she exited the womb doing a cartwheel with a microphone in hand! She has since sung and danced around the world, entertaining passengers with her soulful sound, quick wit, and passionate dance moves. She has worked extensively as an actress doing film, television, and stage work in Los Angeles, but began her career training as a gymnast and a dancer, earning a scholarship from the prestigious Duprée Dance Academy.

Onboard Fitness & Dance Instruction

The vocalist continues to work as a dancer and fitness trainer in Los Angeles, and brings these skills to the high seas to teach and train passengers when she's on break from her performance schedule.
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About Larry

Larry has toured extensively and worked with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow, and Mel Tormé, to name a few. When he isn't on tour or making music on the high seas, he works as a bassist in Los Angeles where he is in demand for his skills on electric and upright basses, as well as acoustic bass guitar. The instrumentalist likes to bring his vast knowledge of world music, jazz, funk, and classical to all his creative endeavors. The bass player's other passion and profession is capturing images of the places and people he's encountered on his travels.

Onboard photography workshops

Many of his photographs are featured in his onboard music shows, and he loves to avail himself for lectures and discussions with passengers when he isn't on the bandstand.
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